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BUILDING PACKAGES  are available in The Hills, Mooikloof Glen, Mooikloof Heights, Country View and The Ridge in Hazeldene   
 All Building Packages  includes the following: 
  Description Deviations and Remarks
1 Architectural Fees - 86 Red Bricks Architects will be Appointed
2 Consulting Engineers Fees - IJohan Erwee - Pr Engineer will be appointed
3 Land Surveyor Fees Herman Rademan - Land Surveyors will be appointed
4 NHBRC Enrolement Fees Included Owner will receive the original copy.
5 Municipal Plan Fees Included  
6 Plan Submission Fees at HOA - Included  
7 Municipal Water  Deposits and Connections Fees Excluded CoT does not open accounts in the name of a Contractor
8 Municipal Water  Deposits and Connections Fees Excluded CoT does not open accounts in the name of a Contractor
9 Prints  Included Client receives one copy of approved plans
10 Water & Electicity consumed during building period  
11 Soil Treatment for Ants on footprint of House Included Owner will receive the original Warrantee.
12 All costs associated for the building of the house as per plan  
13 All work will be carried will comply to SANS 0400 & NHBRC  
14 A Bill of Quantities with rates of items will be submitted. Owner will receive a copy of the BOQ.
15 Engineers Certificates for all Structural elements included Owner will receive a copy 
16 Parties must enter into a Building Contract as prescribed by the Master Homebuiders Association. (MBA)  
17 Progress Claims will be issued on the 15th of each month. Payments to be done by the 21st of the month.
18 Occupation Certificate  Client will receive original
19 Completion Certificate Client will receive original
20 Gas Certificate (if applicable) Client will receive original
21 Glass Certificate Client will receive original
22 Sewer Completion Certificate Client will receive original
23 Electricity Compliance Certificate Client will receive original
25 25Mpa Concrete to Strip Foundations and 30Mpa to loadbearing reinforced concrete elements.  
26 Only High Tenstile (Y) steel to be used except for stirrups and stools.  
27 All plaster to be done with only washed plaster sand  
28 External walls to be waterproofed to a height of 200 above DPC level - ne cote of Permaseal or Uniproof to be applied before paint work can start. The plaster mix to contain 500gm Sika Water proofing additive per each bag of cement.  
29 Internal Walls to be smoothed plastered.   
30 Raw plaster is treated with one coat plaster primer and NOT PVA after which the walls will receive one coat coprox skim followed by second and final Universal paint coats.  
31 Final Exterior  Paint coat is only applied after paving and Landscaping has been completed.  
32 Final Interior Paint cote will be applied after all interior work accept the flooring (other than tiles) had been completed.  
33 All Yard and Boundary Walls are water proofed on top with Permaseal or Uniproof before paint is applied. First 300mm above natural Groundlevel is plastered with plastermix containing clean washed plastersand and  Sika Water proofing additive.    
34 Cornices to Garage and Outbuilings are normal 90mm concaved Herculite cornices.  
35 All other Cornices are High Density Polystyrene Max R37,50/m supply only.  
36 Shadow Line Cornicing - Optional  
37 Inside of all exterior foundation walls will be covered with a sheet of 275 micron plastic. The same applies for split  level interior walls.  
38 Skimmed Gypsum (6.4mm) ceilings with 100mm Thermoguard isolation  
39 Gypsum unskimmed ceilings (6.4mm)  to Outbuildings  
40 Geyser Trays and Overflows supplied.  
41 All Exterior Timber Doors fitted weather boards  
42  Mirrors of at least 0, each basin  Included  
43 2m Retractable Washing Line Included  
44 Paving/appron:  200x100 x40mm coloured cement Paving 1000mm wide around house and 11m x 4m Garage Drive way Included  
PC AMOUNTS (vat Inclusive)  
45 Floor Tiles:  PC Amount R150/m2   
46 Wall Tiles (measured to Ceiling) - PC Amnt R150/m2  Measured to ceiling
47 Additional cost (E.O.)for Glue if Porcelain Tiles are to be used:   
48 Other Floor Coverings to be a E.O. (Extra over) - owners Choice.  
49 PC - Braai R4500,00 -)  if applicable  
50 PC - Fire Place R4500,00 -)  if applicable  
51 Kitchen Units: (including sink and Prep Bowls & cupboard Lighting- taps excluded)                              PC R200 000   
52 Build In Cupboards: PC Amnt R150 000   
53 Vanities: R10 000   
54 Sanitary Ware  and Showers (including wastes and Fittings) PC R33000  
55 Taps, Mixers, Angle Valves, Flexi Connectors:                PC  R50000,00  
56 Doorbel of R300 Included  
57 Central Vacume System to R35000 Included  
58 Heat pump /Solar/Geyser to R35000 Included  
59 Light Fittings, Fans, Heaters Etc. PC R50000  
60 Pools & Jacuzzis Not Included  
61 Reinforcement is y6 high tensile steel rods   
62 Whole footprint of house to be treated for ants. Client will receive 5 year Guarantee
63 If Exterior Kitchen/Scullery door is Timber, a doggy/cat trap door will be installed.  
64 Sleeves for Gas to Braai, Fireplace and Stove Included. Clients may easilly change to gas later.
65 Emergency water outlets to Bathrooms on Upper Floors  
66 Heavy Duty  Stainless Steel Hinges  with Tefflon or similar friction washers.  
67 Only 4-lever Locks  
68  Exterior Timber Doors  treated with 2 cotes of Woodock 50 and one cote Rubal on all Sides (including bottom & Top)  
69 Space is created behind Dishwashers and Washing Machines where water traps are installed to prevent offensive smell coming from the drainage system.  
70 Door Bell  
71 Air Vents to Sculleries for tumble dryer  
72 Only Hardwood (like Meranti) is used for outdoor Pergolas  
73 Consealed Fixing of Pergola's. No unsightly support brackets.